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Managed IT Services in Chicagoland
20+ Years of Exceptional Service


We are DuPage Star Technology

We created DuPage Star Technology in 2002 to serve the business community. In researching the technology industry, we found that nearly all providers specialize in one technology or another. Some just provide phone systems or computer support. Others create websites, but nothing else. We think our customers benefit more from a trusted adviser in all technical areas to help their businesses grow.

We believe that technology brings personal growth, professional growth, knowledge, and joy to humankind, so we’ve set out to facilitate just that.  We aim to bring maximum value to our customers and our stakeholders.


We’re thinking about some stuff

We take respect for other humans very seriously.  We treat customers, vendors, and everyone with whom we interact with fairness and integrity.  We get involved with our community as a corporation and encourage our employees to do so as well. DuPage Star, Inc. is committed to securing and promoting equality of opportunity in both service delivery and employment.

Some of the industries we have served include law firms, transportation providers, property managers, financial advisers, medical providers, and local government agencies.  All organizations have technology support needs.  We’d love to talk to you about your technology!


We are always interested in meeting new business owners and managers

Please look around the rest of this website to get a feel for what we do and how we do it.  Then contact us to just ask a question or to set up a free analysis of your  business technology needs.